Pre- or Post-Nuptial Agreement

There are occasions, before or during a marriage, where the spouses may want to address how to handle their assets, liabilities, and incomes in the event of a separation or dissolution of marriage. Prior to the marriage the parties may enter into what is referred to as a Prenuptial or Antenuptial Agreement. During the marriage, the parties may wish to enter into a Post-Nuptial Agreement.

The purpose of these Agreements is for the parties to self-determine how they want the end of their relationship, should it ever come to that, to be managed. The Agreements often include provisions for how jointly titled property or solely titled property is distributed, how accounts are divided, and what, if any, support may be paid from one party to the other. The determinations made by the spouses in these Agreements usually ensure that the parties are not involved in long, protracted, and expensive litigation.

Negotiating an Agreement can be an emotional process for many couples and can often set the tone for how a marriage may start off or continue. When utilizing the Collaborative Process, couples can work in an open and honest environment without fear of the process becoming contentious and creating divisiveness between the couple. The Collaborative Process provides the space for the couple to address not only their financial issues but also recognizes and helps deal with the emotional impact this sensitive matter may produce.

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