If you are looking to adopt, Mrs. Darley can guide and represent you in initiating the legal process and advising you through the finalization of the adoption. If you are looking to contest an adoption, Mrs. Darley can help defend you from the termination of your rights to your child.

The many different types of adoptions in Florida that Mrs. Darley is able to assist with are:

  • Relative Adoptions – Related within a third degree to the child.
  • Private Adoptions – No relation between the child and adopters.
  • Stepparent Adoptions – Related by marriage to the child’s other parent.
  • Dependency/Foster Care Adoptions – Generally follows a termination of parental rights due to a dependency action filed by the Department of Children and Families.
  • Adult Adoptions – For children over the age of eighteen.
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adoption child

Adoption is a legal process whereby a qualified person or persons seek to have the Court legally recognize them as the parent(s) of a child (minor or adult). The Adoption of a child in Florida can require the navigation of a complex system. Much of the Adoption process focuses on the due process required to ensure the child and parents receive adequate notice and the opportunity to be heard, which allows the parties and child to be secure in the legality of the adoption. Once the due process requirements are met, the Court must then focus on the best interest of the child, which requires the Court to assess many factors that are set forth in the Florida Statutes.

Once an Adoption is complete, the Petitioner(s) become the legally recognized parent of the child and the child’s former parent(s) will no longer have any legal rights or obligations to that child.

While there are many times in which a child may already have a loving familial bond with their caretaker(s), a formal Adoption is necessary in order to give the child legal rights and in order to give the caretaker(s) legal authority.